The black and white stripes of the zebra should remind the two sides of all things whether light and dark, good and evil, masculine and feminine.

SS 2018 Campaign Photos by Stefan Armbruster

Unisex, ultra masculine or ultra feminine fabrics, often semi-transparent, “all in motion”, silk, light, flowing, airy, not too romantic, minimalist, mix of nature & plastics.

As well, Super shiny, very extravagant, glossy materials, visible plastics.

Focus on arms and shoulders, XXL oversized, strapless, wide shoulders THE SHOCK OF SHINE – the 80s years influences

JACKET – is both with the materials as well as at shoulders, collar revised, shortened as a mini dress, either volume or waist, but very structured, femininity, sensually in the colours, often in combination with masculine elements

WAIST – very stressed, very feminine curves in the foreground

VOLLANTROCK – sexy, feminine, with large ruffles, as a counterpart to the pencil skirt, which is always especially (slotted etc.)

DRESSES – tube dress as everyday Basic, robe peignoir (morning coat dress) – elegant shirt dress

PARKER – rather than sporty, very stylish, sexy, even nightly (satin)

Fotograf – Stefan Armbruster
Styling – Sammy Zayed
Make-up Hair – Christopher Koller
Model – Theresia Schwartz, Wienermodels
Location – Park Hyatt Vienna
Shoes – Buffaloshoes